Something Wicked this way came

Something Wicked was formed in June 2006 from a handful of players looking to experience more of this great game we’d been playing. Since that time we’ve had numerous friendships, at least one marriage and numerous collective nerd screams after each new boss kill. We’ve gotten older and many of our long members have moved on with their families, their schooling or their careers and at this point it is time to call it quits with World of Warcraft.

Our friendships will endure, but the bosses will need to be killed by another group. I’m confident Whisperwind can find others to do it. It’s been a great home for us and I’d encourage any guild looking for a new one to consider it.

Many of our members will be looking for new places to raid and I hope they are able to find them. If you have a like-minded guild that is looking for players, please reach out to me for recommendations.