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Something Wicked this way came

Something Wicked was formed in June 2006 from a handful of players looking to experience more of this great game we’d been playing. Since that time we’ve had numerous friendships, at least one marriage and numerous collective nerd screams after each new boss kill. We’ve gotten older and many of our long members have moved on with their families, their schooling or their careers and at this point it is time to call it quits with World of Warcraft. Our friendships will endure, but the bosses will need to be killed by another group. I’m confident Whisperwind can find others...

4/13 Mythic. Looking for 1-2 DPS: prefer Moonkin, DK, Rogue or Mage

Title says it all. We aren’t too particular, but we want good players with the <Something Wicked> mindset to join us to fill out our roster. Want to do Mythic progression in a mature and intelligent environment while spending as much time in the raid as possible? This should be your new home.

9/10 Mythic

Working on Blackhand, technically have been for over a week now but I’m bad at updating this thing. Clearly I need to draft someone else into doing it. Looking for 1-2 players to finish out this tier and start into the next one with us. Specific classes are listed to the side, but as always, we’ll consider exceptional players of any class.

5/10 Mythic BRF

Haven’t had a new post in a bit, but we’ve been busy! 5/10 Mythic now.